Know The Fruit

This morning, I awakened from a dream where I was gathering fruit and placing it in a cornucopia for the Father. A cornucopia represents abundance and a bountiful harvest. My insides jumped for joy at the thought of such a harvest but as I rejoiced, Matthew 17:17-20 played in my head. I heard the Lord say, “You have entered a harvest season, but not all fruit is good.” I knew the warning was to be wise in choosing this season.

This reminds me of Sleeping Beauty. She was favored and called for a specific purpose but somehow was caught off guard. Maleficent, her enemy, lured her with the most beautiful piece of fruit in the land. Captured by the enticement, she partook of the fruit that lulled her into a sleep-like coma. Through much effort she was awakened, but time was lost. Because of God’s love, once we awaken to our mistakes, he has a way of putting things back in order. If you are anything like me, I don’t have any time to waste taking detours to my destiny. As many doors and opportunities present themselves, we must be prayerful, wise, and discerning of all that comes before us; because all fruit isn’t good!

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