Hi, I’m Petrina Milan. Today I launch “Eyes of an Overcomer”, my first blog.  To some this may not seem like a big deal but for me it is. I’ve toiled and labored for years to be sure His voice is the one that is heard when I speak. As I spent months on end going back and forth in my mind on a title for my blog I finally landed the plane.  “Eyes of an Overcomer” leapt off the pages and spoke loudly. This blog is the theme and heart of a twenty-four year walk with the Lord.  Twenty-four years of sweat, tears, frustration and any other positive or negative emotion you can think of.  Over these years I have learned to stop wrestling with God and to trust Him and allow Him to lead.  Now, to me that sounds very generic. Generic you say, and why?  Because words can never explain the journey or the process I have gone through.  Any believer at any given stage of their walk with God could say the very same thing and be correct but after twenty-four years I’ve learned there are layers, and depths of growth, which are specific to each believer.  For me, I have learned the heart of God.  I have learned He is never the problem and I always am.  I’ve learned that He is very patient and I am not.  I’ve learned that he wants the absolute best for me and sometimes I don’t, simply because of the difficulty that lies ahead.  I’ve learned that He knows me better than I know myself and to try and live without Him is utter foolishness for me.  After all these years, I’ve learned truly what it means for Him to be the air I breathe…

Author:  Petrina Milan


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