WOW: 365 Challenge Day 30 Flesh and Spirit

Scripture: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Devotion:  The word waiting is synonymous with patience and endurance. When waiting is involved, you are expected to have understanding and stay calm.  Sounds good but unfortunately, for me, it never seems to produce. I’m forced to be patient and so the war begins.  Thoughts ricochet through my mind while my resolve sends the false indication that I’m just fine.  The last thing I want is to wait which seems to make me the perfect candidate for the unwelcomed invitation. 

The real question is not why should we wait but why avoid the process? The moment I receive the memo a war is set off between flesh and spirit.  Why do I believe I need what I desire immediately while abandoning the faith in the one who has never led me astray?  If he says, “Wait”, then He knows best but the human side of me sets out to have its way. Hence the reason I am not ready for that which I aspire to attain.  The simple fact that there is a war is a clear indicator that the timing lies in the future. 

Philippians 4:6 clearly indicates that I should never be anxious for anything. In knowing this I must send the message to my flesh and create a system of discipline that forces it into subjection.  Instead, we must pray with a thankful heart and bring our petitions before God. In doing so anxiety is sure to flee and peace will be our portion followed by the answer to our petition.

Reflection:  Are you anxiously waiting for an answer to prayer?  Have you been able to remove anxiety and trust God?  Are you still in the battle or have you won the war?  Know that with God there is only one way.  We, like a professionally trained athlete, must put in the work to discipline our flesh.  Then and only then will we see the response to our request. 

Prayer:  Lord reveal every hidden agenda in us that is not walking in faith but is striving with fear.  May that fear that manifests as anxiety be removed and may our flesh be led by our spirits rather than our spirits be subjected to our flesh. 

Written by Petrina Milan


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