WOW: 365 Day 32 Stay Steadfast

Scripture:  Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith. Habakkuk 2:4

Devotion:  Whatever you are believing God for is likened to the germination process.  You plant a seed which equates to choosing to believe God is your supplier.  At that moment, faith begins.  The seed is watered by declaring the word of God.  Once planted you set guard watching  for the first signs of life. In the meantime, the fire is kept burning through prophetic words, conversations with a friend, or a sermon that speaks directly to your situation.  You take the fuel and continue in faith and the flower blooms.  Now, there is even more hope on the horizon but unbeknownst to you, there are enemies lurking, waiting for the opportunity to steal your harvest.

In those moments the flower needs to be protected.  Its growth needs to be shielded from the enemy.  If it’s an insect devouring the plant, you need to kill all three phases of development by spraying pesticides. The eggs, nymph and the adult stages must be destroyed.  If it is an animal, there must be a protective covering that allows growth components in and is strong enough to keep the taunts of animals out. Bottom line, something has to be done to protect growth during its vulnerable stage.  If the flower is not guarded there will be no fruit.

For us, in these vulnerable moments, we must turn up our prayer, speak the word, and fast if necessary.  There is only one problem, the germination process varies for each person and each need. It seems when walking in faith you can go through the same cycle several times before you yield a harvest.  We must stay steadfast and never move away from things that stoke the fire of our faith.  

Yes, there will be enemies and sometimes they may pluck out a flower or two but there is always a ram in the bush. Stay steadfast and strengthen your resolve.  Your faith will become resound and harvest is sure to follow. 

Reflection:  Are you at the door of breakthrough? Is your faith running out of fuel? Do not succumb to the enemy’s attempts to steal your harvest. Stay strong and continue to believe God will do what he said he will do. 

Prayer: Lord, keep us strong and full of faith! Help us to believe no matter what we see that your word produces just what it says. May we go deeper in your word, and continue to speak it over our promise. May we stay steadfast until harvest is in our hands!

Written by Petrina Milan


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