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Bold yet Fearful

I was bold yet full of fear. I would go anywhere and stand up against anything, yet was silently afraid God was mad at me, and in turn wouldn’t care for me, because of my mistakes. I was known to stand up against the devil believing I would win the battle, dutifully doing my part. … Continue reading Bold yet Fearful

Cob Webs in the Corner

Matthew 6:23 I thought I knew who I was. Until, I went through what I thought I’d never go through. I thought I was shiny but there were specs in my armor. I thought I was squeaky clean but there was dirt at the bottom. The light turned on and I found a shadow full … Continue reading Cob Webs in the Corner

Love Has No Preference

Love Has No Preference

Whether you are married, separated, single or divorced know love has no preference. It’s the best of the best wine and yields a heart that longs for it. Beloved, if you are anything like me, take away the scanner and give yourself a break. Life happens to all of us and uncontrollable situations can show up at any door. This holiday season, instead, look past the bramble and find the hidden riches within. Allow love to lead and leave your preferences behind.