WOW: 365 Challenge Day 13

The events of the last three years have been full of sadness. Since then, the world seems to be ever changing. Global warming, soaring gas prices, and threats of inflation how can one find their footing in such times?

God has given us favor and this passage of scripture tell us favor last a lifetime. Not only does favor last a lifetime, but weeping endures for a night. One would think due to the conditions of the world we must continue to weep. Clearly the Bible says differently. Weeping is seasonal and God determines the length of the season not the world. It can seem, if the world is weeping then we should also, but we are not on the worlds time table we are on God’s. Sometimes, God say it’s over and we can get stuck.

It’s over? Just like that God can turn the key but sometimes we have been in the season so long we don’t know how to embrace the joy set before us. We can become emotionally flatlined, unconsciously protecting our emotions from another disappointment. Seasons like this can make you feel like you’re stuck in a boxing match being pulverized by your opponent. What you didn’t know was your last blow gained you victory. You awaken from the fight numb guarding yourself from the next unexpected blow but the match is over. When this happens you somehow get stuck in transition. Neither weeping nor rejoicing. The enemy would love to have you settle there. Be reminded that joy is part of our inheritance and don’t settle for less.

Reflection: Take time to evaluate your past, present, and plans for the future to see where your heart is. Has joy arrived in some areas while you struggle in others. Ask God to heal those areas and bring you into your new portion of joy. Beloved, it’s morning…

Prayer: Lord we thank you that weeping only last for a night and that our season of joy is upon us. Help us to trust that weeping is over and breathe the breath of life in areas were we have not fully moved into joy. Heal our hearts of past traumas and help us to rejoice in your faithfulness.

Written by Petrina Milan


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