WOW: 365 Challenge Day 9

Scripture:  Psalm 16:11 You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. 

Devotion:  In your presence there is fullness of joy.  This is such a profound statement. It leads me to believe I could be frustrated or sad in one moment but the second I transfer into his presence, joy comes upon me.  This joy is not seasonal, but available upon demand.  However, the issue is when my mind has been tested one too many times. It is then I find my spirit miles away from the truth.  How do I find my way home?

I believe in those moments you have a choice to make.  It is in those moments our words begin to change and take on the nature of our flesh.  Before you know it you are complaining and repeating every negative and impossible scenario.  Connecting to fleshly desires produces fleshy results.  I’ve had times where I kept rehearsing my frustration over and over and it would take me days to get out of it.  At these times, we must be careful and discipline ourselves to connect to the spirit to hear what he’s saying.

Once your rant is over, pause, take a deep breath, and change your declaration. Yes, what you’re feeling and experiencing is real but the goal here is to shift the atmosphere and your thinking and not negate the reality you are living at the moment. Next time, ask the Holy Spirit what is truth according to heaven’s reality concerning the situation.  Find some scriptures to remind you of God’s truth concerning the occurance and if nothing works, stand firm on your declaration and be reminded of the three Hebrew boys and those who died in faith.  It is better to stand on God’s word and not see any change than to doubt and move away from his truth.  

According to this scripture, once we decide to make the shift, joy is inevitable.  In those moments anger and doubt are swept away and the joy of possibilities floods the room.  Suddenly, his love becomes more important than the arrows sent to stifle our words with improper alignment with our King.  

Reflection:  Today choosing God’s presence over frustration is certain to release joy in full measure.  Joy sometimes arrives on the scene through the doorway of peace and self reconciliation.  Here today, gone tomorrow can be the sound of fleeting frustration and prescribe  joy.  May you find joy in his presence this week. 

Prayer: Lord, no matter what comes our way may we swiftly find our way to your presence that produces joy.

Written by Petrina Milan

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