Take the Next Step

For some I hear the words “Go, take the next step.” Some of you have been hearing the voice of the Lord leading you to new territory. This could be movement to new land, employment, ministry, or places God is calling you to expand. I see the hesitancy, the confusion in the word. You say, “Surely this cannot be the Lord because it makes no sense.” I beg to differ. I would say, “Surely it is the Lord because it makes no sense.” If we could make sense of it, then we would be in control and the God I know doesn’t work that way.

I encourage you as Jesus told Peter, “Launch out into the deep.” (Luke 5:4) Go deeper in seeking God for strategy and the blue print for your next move. Now is not a time for complacency. Instead, push past your ordinary. In doing so, you are sure to gain the revelation you need, and in turn possess the land in which God has for you. Stretch forth your tent begs, expand your borders, for if you go deep nothing will stop your movement. Launch into the deep, gain your strategy, then go…

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