False Start

The runners are positioned for take off. Their feet are in the starting block, hands positioned perfectly on the line as they eagerly wait the signal to go. Just as the official places his hand on the trigger a runner jumps ahead of the signal. The official shouts, False start” and removes that runner. If you’ve ever run track or known someone who has, a false start throws everyone in the race off not to mention the runner who jumps is disqualified.

I see many at the starting line waiting for God’s signal. Feet in the starting block, hands positioned, but there is something loose on the track. It’s an enemy. No one can see him but all can sense him. He’s whispering in their ears causing distractions, trying his best to cause a false start. He knows if he can, that runner will be disqualified.

Today, I encourage you to stay close to God, and focus on his word. The Lord is about to release you but do not allow the enemy to distract you and cause you to move too quickly. Be patient in all things and wait for God’s perfect timing to come forth! And if distractions have their way, cry out to God for forgiveness, grace, and mercy. He is a forgiving God and holds time in his hands.

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