Your Gift Never Sleeps

I’ve heard it said that whatever you dreamed of being as a child, there lies the secret to your gifting. Recently, I had a couple of great conversations that lead to a revelation. Your gift never sleeps, instead sometimes, you are unaware of where it manifest. Now what exactly does that mean?

I’ll use myself as an example. As I child, I wanted to become two things, Whitney Houston and Tootie from “The Facts of Life”. When I was young all I did was sing and talk. I’m sure I drove everyone crazy but didn’t they know I was practicing my discipline? Clearly they were just clueless. Of course I aged, reality set in, and I realized I was clueless. Instead of Hollywood, I became a teacher. Far from Hollywood I would say.

Teaching and acting, hmm. How do the two meet? Let’s start with my gifting. I’m not necessarily gifted to act but I definitely am gifted to talk. Anyone that knows me knows that on the right subject I can talk for hours. If you were a fly on the wall you wouldn’t just hear a simple conversation. No, you’d hear a theatrical performance. When I talk I tell stories and deliver them in a dramatic way, not to mention my delivery in the classroom. My gift not only made room for me but it was present the entire time.

Sometimes we get stuck. We dream as children and life causes us to kick into survival mode. We trade our dreams for functionality and fail to see, no matter where we are or what we do, the gift never sleeps. The gift was given to you at birth. The problem is not operating in your gift, the problem is seeing how you’ve always operated in it, or perhaps where its new destination lies.

Today, I challenge you to reflect on your childhood dream and ask God to open your eyes to see how it’s been in operation the entire time. Ask him how your gift is to serve you and others in the next season. Allow yourself to dream again and allow God to lead you to your place of destiny. Believe me, your dream has already made room for you and in the next season will expand.

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