Call the Midwives

Call the Midwives

Midwife: a person or thing that produces or aids in producing something new or different

Spring is on the horizon, the winter blues are fading, and new life is budding forth into the atmosphere. Recently, I was in a conversation with a friend. She shared her current frustrations with her situation. As I began to encourage her, all of a sudden, I heard myself say, “Call the midwives!” I knew God was speaking. I began to elaborate the message as God began to download it. I could see her and countless others were full term in their spiritual pregnancy and were ready to give birth. But there was just one problem, there were no birthing agents on the scene. These believers were ready to birth but did not have the proper strength or assistance around them. Ultimately, they would do the most work but in order to position themselves to go through the process of labor, they would need a midwife.

As we approach spring many are getting ready to give birth. Some have been pregnant for what seems like an eternity, and now the baby is crowning. She looks to her left and then her right; there is no one to be found! She reaches for her phone and calls everyone she knows, but no one answers. The time is now, yet she stands alone. Who will help me give birth? She calls out to God, and he tells her, “I’m sending the midwives.” Once again, she looks to the left, she looks to the right but there is no one to be found. Panic sets in as she faces the most important time in her life alone, but she knows what her Father said. She bares down during a contraction and knows if help doesn’t arrive soon things could go left quickly. She stands in the need of an epidural to say the least. Her cervix is dilating and it’s now or never. She takes one deep breath and girds herself for the worse. Just as she does out of nowhere a team of midwives enter the room. They get her hooked up, administer the epidural and guide her through the last phase of labor.

The time has come. She, fully dilated, begins to push. The team of midwifes are in full support. One coaching, one comforting, and one delivering the baby. The perfect synergy of cooperation flows throughout the room as new life comes forth. She is exhausted but the drama of the process fades. The excitement of new life takes over as she begins to nurse that which she waited patiently for.

I can see many are in this exact position. You are beginning to dilate but have no midwives in sight. I encourage you to pause and take some time in prayer and ask God to reveal who your midwives are. He will show you a picture or perhaps old friends will surface. No matter the direction in which they come, some things can only be birthed with the cooperation of a team. I pray God reveals and gathers your birthing team. Let the birthing begin…

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