Hidden Treasue

Tithes and offering, seed time and harvest are both phrases I’ve heard throughout my walk as a Christian. Quite honestly, I’ve heard these phrases and read related scriptures, but have not necessarily seen an abundance of what I’ve sown returned to me. Let’s make this clear up front. These scriptures are benefits for those who serve and love him. They are not ways to chase after blessings. I have sown many things in many ways purely from a heart of love. I give because I love. I love, because he loves me and that love overflows to others. These scriptural benefits are nothing more than a good Father’s love for his children.

I awakened from a dream where we were requested to let a pastor know the amount of a particular seed each of us had previously sown. We each walked by this leader and shared the amount of the seed. We then, were given a chance to write an additional amount on a piece of paper we wanted multiplied. I wrote down an amount and proceeded to look for someone to hand it too. After a long search, I found a lady who knew where they had been stored. She took my paper, along with others, and added them to a box on the floor. Immediately, when I awakened, the message was clear. Seeds that had been sown or seemingly hidden needed to be released.

Isaiah 45:3 played in my head as I began to pray and decree that each hidden seed and the multiplication assigned to it be released. I could see years in which seed had been hidden for such a time as this! My friend I pray you grab hold of this word and believe you have entered the time for harvest of that which seemed lost.

These seeds don’t only represent finances but favor, honor, relationships, business, and so much more. Yes, 2022 will have its challenges but if you stay close to His voice and have the faith to believe, you shall expand exponentially over the next year, and this will only be the beginning. Open your vats and receive that which has been assigned to you in this season! May the angels of God on assignment go and bring your return!

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