Fight Perceptions

Perceptions: in. The human mind is a powerful tool in the hand of the beholder. Its’ capabilities cannot fully be unleashed in ones lifetime. For the great, those who press pass the normal, our greatest discoveries were born. Oh but this same mind, is one that if not properly nurtured, causes great pain and destruction. It is perceptions of the heart and the purpose of man against man that are the most dangerous.

As a children our parents dream big, nurture, and guide their perception of our gifting. As we mature our friends and society do the same. This pattern continues on to adult relationships and social networks. Before long, everyone has a perception in their mind concerning you. If their experience or observation of you is you’re quiet and shy, then it is the only way they can see you. If you begin to change and become more outgoing; you are perceived to not be yourself and the silent chatter begins.

These misperceptions continue into every facet of life. If you’re lucky you were able to shake the perception and those associated with them. If you find yourself not so fortunate, you can eventually become an award winning actor mastering every performance. By the time you are sick of yourself, you are tangled in a web only Jesus can help unravel.

Fight perceptions. Tell the human mind no, “This is only one piece of who I am.” Pull back the curtain of humanity and gaze beyond. For it is beyond the veil, beyond the familiar that the true heart , true character is found.

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